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Yasuko Agawa - Re-Mode 

Yasuko Agawa is a legend in her native Japan, a consistent and wildly popular performer since the 1970s.  Her greatest European and stateside popularity came with the 1981 jazz-funk classic “L.A. Night,” which used Light Of The World’s “London Town” for its backing track.


Re-Mode is an effort to introduce new listeners to Agawa’s work by way of updated remixes.  Usually, these kind of projects are poorly executed, but fortunately Victor has enlisted some of today’s best club jazz artists to reinterpret these classic tunes.  Five Corners Quintet, Quasimode and Nicola Conte head the impressive list of people involved with Re-Mode, which was organized by Sunaga T, a major player in his own right.

Most of the remixers bring their distictive sound to the work, such as Gerardo Frisina's take on "Skindo Le Le," which could easily be mistaken for a Schema release.  The same applies to Conte's classic bossa twist on "Send One Your Love."  Fans of Stevie Wonder may be surprised to hear one of his more obscure numbers turned into a festive jazz dancer.

Calm's version of "Some Morning" is one of the most impressive, starting out with a trip-hop style intro before developing into one of the most propulsive cuts on the disc. "New York Afternoon" is another personal favorite.
Considering the current worldwide popularity of Japanese jazz, Re-Mode is an excellent beginner’s course on one of the originators and should grow Yasuko Agawa’s fan base.  

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