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Tuomo - My Thing 

Finland is not the first place that comes to mind when you’re thinking about soul music.  But Tuomo makes a bold claim for recognition with My Thing.  A part-time singer with the groove band Quintessence and an acclaimed jazz keyboardist, My Thing is his solo debut and shows Tuomo as a confident and versatile performer steeped in the deepest soul tradition. 

Highlights abound throughout the disc.  The title cut bubbles to the forefront with  vintage Curtis Mayfield-styled backing, including extensive use of percussion, while early single “Don’t Take It Too Hard” is a blast of uptown optimism.   The rest of the disc is composed of strong midtempo grooves like "Sorry When I'm Gone" and "26," while "So Surreal" surprises with its pure pop sensibility. 


After listening to the this album, it's clear that Tuomo's Thing is pure soul excellence and one of the strongest soul releases of the last year.  Highly recommended to anyone willing to broaden their horizons in the pursuit of soul.    

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