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Tony Humphries - United DJs of America
Who says soulful house is dead?

Despite frequent annoucements of its loss of status in the community, garage house still connects with millions of people drawn to its uplifting spirit and powerful vocals.  Tony Humphries is the acknowledged master of the style, having devoted the last 30 years to spreading its message around the world. After building a reputation at the legendary Club Zanzibar in the 1980s, he moved to London to become a resident at Ministry of Sound.  His popularity rose to new levels in London, where his tireless championing of garage became a huge influence on the development of 2-step.

So it's with great pleasure that we get to hear Humphries' skills on this disc, the 18th in Mixer's United DJs series. For this set, Humphries works a mix of mostly new records that stick to the basic garage principles: female vocals, crisp beats and inspirational lyrics. 

Fans of the style will find much go celebrate here, from the remake of the disco classic "Can't Fake the Feeling" and well-known favorites by the Sunkids ("Rescue Me" and "Rise Up") to Viola's awesome new tune "Little Girl," definitely a contender for song of the year. Basically delivering some down-home wisdom to a young lady over a slamming arrangement, "Little Girl" is the kind of anthem that keeps people coming back for more.  Even people who know none of these tracks will likely find it impossible to sit still while the grooves are playing, for the music makes its point by hitting you where it counts - the feet. 

Everybody involved with this disc deserves a round of applause.   Congrats to the people at Mixer for continuing to deliver top-notch compilations when so many companies try to make a quick dollar by simply throwing songs together. And much respect to Tony Humphries for again showing us the vitality of house music. 

Copyright 2001 B.Graff.  All rights reserved.

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Released 2001 on Mixer

Selected Tracks:

Viola  - Little Girl
Sunkids - Rise Up
Alliance DC - Painkiller
Stephanie Cooke - Everything
Bobby and Steve - You Will Survive

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