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Shuya Okino - United Legends 
As half of Kyoto Jazz Massive, Shuya Okino has been at the forefront of danceable jazzy fusion for over a decade.  His official solo debut, United Legends, gives him an opportunity to showcase his composing skills with the cream of the international groove community.

Featuring production and vocal appearances by well-regarded names as Blaze, Phil Asher, Domu, and Vikter Duplaix, this is a record put together with the Quincy Jones aesthetic of pairing great artists with strong material.

Avoiding the excess that often plagues dance albums by limiting the proceedings to ten tracks, United Legends shows all involved at their very best, the very definition of all killer no filler.  The strength and diversity of Okino's songwriting is displayed in the varying moods throughout the album.  Opening cut "Thank You" with Fertile Ground's Navasha Daya is classic Kyoto Jazz Massive, joyous grooves withi an uplifting message.

At the other end of the emotional spectrum is the moody "Beautiful Sadness," produced by Domu and voiced by Carleen Anderson.  Blessed with one of the finest melancholy voices today, Anderson is the perfect fit for this shuffling beat. 

With such a strong collection catering to every emotion, singling out further tracks is a bit silly, but fans of Blaze will be interested in the lengthy Phil Asher-Josh Milan collaboration "Love Is The Key" while Detroit heads should check for the contributions of Diviniti on "Shine" and Piranhahead's "If It Is Love."

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