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Various - Sessions 12: The Magic Sessions
What do you get when you give Little Louie Vega, Tony Humphries and Tedd Patterson a crate of the hottest new tracks and set them loose in the studio?  A decent approximation of the vibe inside the Magic Sessions, the yearly party these guys throw at the Winter Music Conference. Sessions Twelve is the latest edition of the Ministry of Sound series intended to allow you to throw your own Magic Session.

As you'd expect from top-notch jocks, most of the tunes here are making their cd debut, as they've only recently been released on vinyl. A couple of exceptions are current tune of the moment "Finally" from Kings of Tomorrow, Photek's use of Robert Owens' magical vocals to achieve house immortality on "Mine To Give" and Patterson's own "Roots," albeit in remixed form.

Each deejay brings his own unique mixing style to his respective portion of the double disc set.  Vega leads things off with vintage Todd Terry beats that you gradually realize are arranged unlike any of Terry's past work.  The song turns out to be his new cut "Babarabatiri." Good to see the master back in good form.   A brief nod to his friend Erick Morillio ("The Jungle") follows and then it's all trademark Louie Vega: serious vocals and deep, melodious tracks. You know all the cuts will be slamming but special mention must be given to Erro's "Don't Change," a beautifully sparse vocal number by Osunlade.  

Tony Humphries takes bridges the gap between discs with his mix, heavy on the uplifting style he's made his signature.  It's his mix that is the deepest portion of the disc, serving up a couple of Dennis Ferrer pieces ("Joy To The World" and "Sunshine") to go with instant classics by Photek ("Mine To Give") and Mysterious People ("Fly Away").  Colonel Abrams makes a welcome return with his guest turn on Paul Simpson's "Could It Be."

Patterson takes us home with selections from Julian Jabre, Deep Swing, and Warren Clarke.  His mix was actually the least satisfying, but even then, the magic of Frankie Knuckles ("Keep on Movin'") and Benji Candelario ("Spread Love) keep the party going.

There are few things as wonderful  as hearing talented DJs work under inspired conditions.  Here's your chance to hear three of the best in their prime.

Copyright 2001 B.Graff.  All rights reserved.

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Released 2001 on Defected.

Selected Tracks:

James Ingram - Lean On Me
Warren Clarke - Over You
Erro - Don't Change
Paul Simpson - Could It Be
Frankie Knuckles - Keep On Movin
Lisa Millett - Runaway


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