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Res - How I Do
This girl is a different kind of black.   Res (pronounced "Reese"), who rejected a spot in Groove Theory because she deemed it too commercial, is out to challenge common expectations of female singers.  

Almost as if she was determined to showcase her diversity, the disc jumps all over the place: dub, rock and drum and bass are just some of the flavors that Res is serving on her debut.  Sometimes, her knack for blending styles together comes off very nicely: witness the slamming "Golden Boys" and "If There Ain't Nothing" to catch her at her most accessible.

On the flip side, too many ingredients in the pot can cancel themselves out, resulting in a bland confection.  This happens on the title cut, a sonic mismash of rock, soul, and hip hop that can't decide what it really wants to be.   But to her credit, just as you're questioning her game plan, Res comes out of the speakers declaring that "hey, sometimes that's how I do/And if you feel that bad/Maybe it's not for you."  Self-doubt is obviously not in her emotional data bank.   

The most intriguing numbers are the ones where Res shows she's been listening to a lot of Stevie -- Nicks, not Wonder.  "They-Say Vision" and "Let Love" showcase a vocal tone very similar to the Fleetwood Mac singer, further proof that Res is her own woman.

How I Do is likely destined to fall between the cracks due to people's confusion over whether the music is "really" black. Like  Dionne Farris, Res has dared to step outside the box that's been created for black performers.   It will be interesting to see how the audience responds, especially considering that alternative-minded neosoul is all the rage.


Copyright 2001 B.Graff.  All rights reserved.

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Released 2001on MCA 

Selected Tracks:

I've Known the Garden
Golden Boys
700 Mile Situation

If There Ain't Nothing



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