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Re:Jazz - Expansion
Expansion is the latest album from the German project Re:Jazz, which has carved a unique niche by reworking classic dance songs into acoustic jazz versions.  Critics may contend this is a cheap gimmick, but the group has for the first time included original material alongside their interpretations. 

The group's core of Matthias Vogt and singer Inga Luhning have chosen tunes ranging from the acknowledged standards "Promised Land" and "Rockit" (a bold choice indeed) to Roy Davis' immortal "Gabrielle."  What is more surprising than the sheer gall it took to remake these tunes is the fact that all three are infused with new meaning through these covers.  That is not to say they replace the originals; consider them more of as companion pieces suitable for quiet moments.  

Ack van Rooyen, Ernesto, and Alice Russell are among the guests called on for Expansion, and they acquit themselves admirably.  Horn player van Rooyen is present on several tracks, while Ernesto handles the lead on one of the originals, "Too Many Holes." Russell, the voice of Bah Samba and other acts in addition to her own career, is handed the responsibility of "Gabrielle" and turns in another of her typically sublime performances.

Re:Jazz goes a long way towards proving the musical merits of dance music for stubborn critics, and in the process opens up these songs for newfound appreciation from an audience that would never have heard them otherwise.  They are to be commended for producing their best work yet.

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Released 2006 on Infracomm

Selected Tracks:

Too Many Holes
People Hold On

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