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Reel People - Seven Ways To Wonder

Reel People’s 2003 debut Second Guess announced the British group led by Oli Lazarus and Mike Patto as one of the top nu soul combos on the scene. Fresh from performing with the likes of Herbie Hancock, Oli, Mike and company have returned with the fantastic Seven Ways To Wonder. An encyclopedia of classic and current soul styles, they have demonstrated considerable growth on what is sure to be one of the year’s top albums. 

First single “Alibi” is a Brazilian-kissed lovers anthem. 80s electro pop is the core of “Ordinary Man,” with Patto taking a rare vocal lead. Boogie flava in the tradition of Rene & Angela and Yarborough and Peoples permeates “Amazing.” The OG of British soul godfather Omar guests on “Outta Love” in a joining of two generations of British  soul. Other featured vocalists include the Stevie-influenced Darien, Vanessa Freeman and Tony Momrelle (also check his big band album).  

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