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Randy Muller - Groovin' U 

Producer Randy Muller enjoyed a massive amount of success with Brass Construction, Skyy, Charles Earland, and B.T. Express in the 1970s and 80s.  The thought of him doing a smooth jazz album, then, could rightly cause a great deal of concern.  But to his credit, Groovin’ U is an above-average album with far more bite than is usual for the genre.  Sticking with the strong sense of groove that he’s known for, Muller crafts some memorable tracks in “Devotion” and “Groovin’ U.” The instrumentation focuses on the occasional live band playing with Muller’s distinguished flute, which earns him entry into the funky flute hall of fame alongside Art Webb, Jimmy Brown, and Herbie Mann.  Even the cover of “Call Me” works, although the revisiting of “Always And Forever” might be a bit much.  Hasn’t this song been done too many times already?      

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