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Nina Simone - Remixed and Reimagined
Another entry in the let's-remix-the-dead-into-a-new-demographic trend, Remixed And Reimagined presents highlights of Nina Simone's RCA years for the chic set.  Despite the potential for disaster with such a project, given the seriousness of Simone's music, the various producers (evenly split between newcomers and legends like Coldcut) do an admirable job of preserving the integrity of her work. No misguided attempts to turn her into a club diva; instead, the songs are mostly short and sweet, keeping the reflective mood at the forefront.  The downtempo delights include "Obeah Woman," "I Can't See Nobody" and "Save Me."   My favorite is Francois K's ultra-deep take on "Here Comes The Sun," which he manages to make sound like an early 90s house track. On the negative side of things are Groovefinder's mix of "Ain't Go No - I Got Life," which is not one of her best songs to begin with, and Chris Coco's remix of "To Love Somebody." What Coco did is just wrong, trying to give the High Priestess of Soul the big room treatment  Very out of place, and the kind of song that would incite Simone to yell, as track eight states, "Go to hell."    

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