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Various - Neu Jazz 

Jazzanova has made up for their prolonged absence from the scene with the exciting Neu Jazz compilation. The 14 track set collects recent numbers alongside exclusive tracks to provide an excellent overview of the jazz dance movement. 

Some of the songs rescued from obscurity are the fantastic Fertile Ground rarity “Simple Timeless,” which was on a limited release tribute album, Hipnosis' “Carrousel,” and Shirley Eubanks’ version of the Michael White classic “Blessing Song.”

Among the more recognizable names are Build An Ark’s “Precious Priceless” and the Japanese triumvirate of Sleepwalker’s “Wind,” “Waltz For Jason” by Hajime Yoshizawa and Quasimode's “Last Nine Days.” These acts will be familiar to longtime followers of the scene but promise to be revelatory for the uninitiated.

As strong as these songs, what takes Neu Jazz over the top are the songs from 2 Banks Of Four and Jazzanova that preview highly anticipated albums.  "Queen Of Crows" is a deep jazz number from 2BOF's forthcoming Junkyard Gods.  Jazzanova reworks “That Night,” originally on their first album with Vikter Duplaix on vocals, with Bembe Segue that is a teaser for their upcoming album.    

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