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Legends Of The Underground - Soundtrack
The closest thing to high-concept rock excess that broken beat has offered to date, Legends Of The Underground is a multimedia extravaganza with music, dance, animation and narrative playing equal parts. To quote from their website: "They represent a story about the fight between the good angel Sonnet and his devil like opposite Kogorg. Stake for this fight is the power over the earth."

The musical portion has been spearheaded by Seiji of Bugz In The Attic fame, who brought in Bembe Segue, Domu and Mark de-Clive Lowe to lend a helping hand.  The resulting soundtrack is a brief but potent futuristic journey that may have roots in the prog-rock tradition of Yes and Genesis, but jams much harder.

As befits a soundtrack, most cuts are little more than mood pieces, a distinct departure from the work of all involved.  Main cuts are "The Gathering,"  "The Scrolls and the Gift," and "Paradise Garden," a nine minute tour de force that is the only song to really utilize Bembe Segue in a significant way.  

It can be unfair to judge a soundtrack outside of the context of the project it's associated with, but here the opposite is true. If the rest of the show matches the quality of the soundtrack, Legends of the Underground is a very innovative and worthy project indeed.

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