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Various - Journey To The Dawn 

Theresa Records is best known as the home of a resurgent Pharoah Sanders, who energized his career with a series of albums released in the early 1980s. Sanders forms the centerpiece of Journey To The Dawn, an eleven track retrospective selected by Gilles Peterson and Rocco Pandiani. 

The Sanders cuts include “You’ve Got To Have Freedom,” “Heart Is A Melody,” and “Rejoice” and they represent the peak of his output for the Oakland-based label. But there was more to their roster, such as the serious jazz trips “Pippin’” by Ed Kelly, “Levels of Consciousness” by Babatunde and Phenomena and the impeccably named Bishop Norman Williams and the One Mind Experience’s “Hip Funk.” The omission of artists like Idris Muhammad keep this from being a fully-realized compilation, but what is featured justifies Theresa’s lofty reputation as one of the few companies to adhere to a soulful spiritual jazz sound while the competition was busy smoothing out their grooves for crossover appeal. 

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