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Jiva - Sun and Moon

Atlanta-based Jiva brings a refreshingly original take on soul music with their long-awaited debut, Sun and Moon.  Already known for the club success of the singles "Stars" and "Love Chooses Lovers," Jiva encompasses a blend of jazz, bossa nova, and uptempo soul that can be traced to the diverse tastes of leader Khari Simmons.  A member of India Arie's touring band, Simmons has recruited the cream of the crop of Atlanta's vocalists and musicians to create an underground supergroup along the lines of a modern Lemuria or more soulful Fifth Dimension.

With a four-member frontline providing luscious harmonies in front of an 8 piece band that includes horns, the sound is crisp and focused, and highlights are numerous. "I Realized" is a brilliant soul showcase for Alex Lattimore that was recently given the full disco treatment by Joey Negro.  "Swept Away" and "Free Falling" are other genre-blending examples of Jiva's unique style of music.  The kicky "Day Dreamer" recalls the breezy era of mid 90s Brand New Heavies. 

When you add it all up, Sun and Moon is that rare gourmet item in this age of fast-food grooves. All hail the rise of bossa soul!

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