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Various - Fresh Records Greatest 12 Inch Mixes 
Fresh Records was one of the great underground labels of the late 80s, teaming with sister label Sleeping Bag to promote dance and hip-hop to a wider audience.  After a long period of dormancy while many of their titles were out of print, at long last here is a collection of their greatest releases.   Many of the titles are mixed by the cream of the new school of New York’s club elite – Larry Levan, Chip Nunez, Mantronix, and Timmy Regisford – most of whom had just began making their mark. Available for wide consumption are such period classics like Chandra Simmons’ street-soul hit “Never Gonna Let You Go,” Hanson and Davis’ best cuts (“Tonight” and “Hungry For Love”)  and the flowering of Todd Terry’s inimitable style on “Weekend,” “Bango,” and “Back to the Beat.”

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