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Various - Free Soul P&P 

In the span of less than a decade, the vaunted P&P label has gone from having the most obscure and hard to find releases to owning one of the most reissued catalogs in the business, with numerous compilations ensuring that the work of Patrick Adams and Peter Brown is available for all who desire. The latest entries into the growing P&P market are two volumes of Free Soul P&P, assembled by Toru Hashimoto of the highly respected Japanese label JVC.

Many of the songs here are available on other discs, but Free Soul is to be commended for trimming the fat found on other releases and serving up nothing but the essentials. Favorites like “25 Hours” by Lanier, Four Below Zero’s “My Baby’s Got ESP,” and Clyde Alexander’s immortal “Gotta Get Your Love” are among the highlights of volume 1, which also has perhaps the best known numbers from the Queens of P&P, Donna McGhee (“Mr Blindman”) and Rainbow Brown (“It Ain’t No Big Thing”). Second-tier P&P cuts by the Music Makers (“Jump Jump Jump”) and Florence Miller’s “The Groove I’m In” round out the disc.

Volume 2 goes a bit deeper for a more underground feel, delving into rap courtesy of Willie Wood (“Willie Rap”) and Sicle Cell (“Rhapazooty Blue”) alongside forgotten nuggets by Universal Two (“Dancing Heart”), the Golden Flamingo Orchestra (“The Guardian Angel Is Watching Over Us”), and edited versions of Donna McGhee’s “Make It Last Forever” and “It Ain’t No Big Thing.”  Other rarities from Pete Warner ("I Just Want To Spend My Life With You"), King David ("Hitch Hike One More Time"), and the Kimbra Trio ("You Waited Too Late) appear on compact disc for the first time and make this a necessary purchase for hard core disco collectors.

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