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Derrick Carter - About Now
Few DJs can mix 'em up like Derrick Carter. With two legendary compilations already to his credit (Many Shades of Cajual and Cosmic Disco), Carter's prowess is well-documented, making him a natural fit for the latest installment in the mix series sponsored by Philadelphia record shop 611 Records. About Now is another sterling example of Carter's disco-influenced vision. With a sensibility derived from the tradition of Nicky Siano and Larry Levan, Carter slices, dices, and rearranges twenty songs into a seamless blend, developing a narrative with his selections. Opening with an excerpt from The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman that underscores his belief in personal freedom, the ensuing ride encompasses the spectrum of human emotion, from the soulful "You Got to Get Over" by Paul Johnson to the pure track energy of Kojak's "You Can't Stop It," throwing in his mix of 2nd Shift's "Something Else" for good measure.

As any good jock does, Carter mixes in familiar artists (Blaze, 95 North, Rasoul) with a healthy dose of the unknown (Eddie & the Eggs, D Behar, Sebastian Leger) with no discernable drop in quality. Indeed, judging from the inclusion of songs from France, Germany, America and the United Kingdom, what Carter suggests is that house is an international fixture with no single dominant source. He further hints at his desire to unify the world via music in his commentary in the liner notes. Asking "if it's always us and them, how do you get to we?" is a simple question, but one that takes on a more urgent meaning in today's times, proving yet again the ability of house music to cut to deep issues under the guise of simplicity. Leave it to the man many call the greatest contemporary DJ to breathe new life into the stagnant DJ-mix format.

Copyright 2002  All rights reserved.

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Released 2001 on 611 Records

Selected Tracks:

Disco Dudes - Boogie Down
Money Chocolate - Keep the Love
Somore - I Refuse

Kojak - You Can't Stop It
95 North - Funk With Me

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