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Brotherly - One Sweet Life 
Ever since "A Little Trouble" debuted on the Outpatients 3 compilation in 2003, Brotherly has been one of the most talked-about acts in the broken beat scene.  With the obligatory business delays now settled, One Sweet Life is now available and proves to be worth the wait.

The duo of vocalist/lyricist Anna Stubbs and producer/musician Robin Mullarkey show their comfort with a variety of urban sounds that includes soul and jazz in addition to broken beat.  Beyond the inventive and tight musicianship displayed on every track (the group does not use samples), Stubbs' lyrics prove to be a high point of the set.  The tough, survivor-oriented premise of "A Little Trouble" is revisited in the opening song "System," while "True" explores the virtues of honesty on all levels and "Elevate" is an inspirational anthem sure to lift your spirits.  

Earl Zinger, Ty, and Eska make well-executed appearances that give the music an added layer of class.  

A definite winner for the Gilles brigade and much recommended as one of 2007's best albums.   

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