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Blue Six - Aquarian Angel 
All the labels stereotypically associated with the Naked Music label - smooth, sophisticated, elegant - definitely apply to the new release from Blue Six, Aquarian Angel. The vaunted team of  producer Jay Denes and singers Aya, Katherine and Lisa Shaw made one of the decade's most praised albums in 2002's Beautiful Tomorrow, and Angel builds on that template with strong songwriting, compelling rhythms and sublime vocals.

Moving away from the dancefloor emphasis of prior successes "Pure" and "Music And Wine," the album seems to have taken Sade as its primary influence.  The use of guitar and sparse instrumentation that are the mainstays of Angel is very reminiscent of Sade, and is most obvious on "Half Light" and "I've Given Enough," especially when mellow saxophone riffs are introduced into the mix. Likewise, "Woman Of The Sea" is like Sade taken into electronic bliss, with wordless vocals floating above the ethereal music.

The moving "Aquarian Angel" and "Fast Free Delivery" are the soulful standouts of the disc, with performances from Aya and Shaw, respectively, that demand repeated listening.  There are some nice twists on the Blue Six formula on the old school Larry Heard-style rhythms that introduce "Woman Of The World" and the latin vibes of first single "Tropicalia."

Aquarian Angel is musically satisfying listening experience that will appeal to Naked fans in addition to those seeking a more adventurous alternative to smooth jazz and r&b.

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