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Various - Absolutely the Best of Disco
Anyone with more than a fleeting interest in disco would do well to pick this up.  A triple cd collection of rarities from the Prelude, Sleeping Bag and Unidisc catalogs, this would be worth the bones had it been normally priced, much less the budget cost it seems to be going for.  The good folks at Deep Beats must want to ensure that nobody is deprived of these great grooves.

Where to begin?  How about classics from Machine ("There But For The Grace of God Go I"), Bobby Thurston ("Check Out The Groove") or Positive Force ("We Got The Funk")? And these are among the most known selections on the disc!  Where most disco comps put at least a handful of commonly-appreciated tracks, the closest this set gets to the mainsteam is "Do You Wanna Funk" by Sylvester, Frankie Smith's "Double Dutch Bus" and a version of "Night Fever" cut by Carol Douglas. 

If there is one quibble, it's that there isn't anything here before 1976, meaning that the earliest disco classics have been omitted.  There are also scant liner notes. But when it gets to that level of nitpicking, you know you're dealing with essentially a flawless compilation.


Copyright 2001 B.Graff.  All rights reserved.

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Released 1997on Deep Beats 

Selected Tracks:

Sharon Redd - In the Name of Love
Kumano - I'll Cry For You
Machine - There But For the Grace of God Go I

Tracy Weber - Sure Shot
Inner Life - Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Sylvester - Do You Wanna Funk
Class Action - Weekend
Bill Brandon - We Fell In Love While Dancing

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