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Various - Always Bigger and Better Vol. 1
California-based label ABB has been one of the leading sources for underground rap music since its debut in 1997.  This compilation celebrates the singles that built their reputation. Selections include classics from Planet Asia, Defari, and Joey Chavez, whose work on "Worldwide" and "Reservation For One" demonstrates why his production skills are in increasing demand.  Ample time is devoted to ABB's most successful act, Dilated Peoples, whose early work was released by the label. Appearing on CD for the first time are the pioneering "Global Dynamics," "Triple Optics" and "Rework the Angles," featuing Xzibit, AG, and Defari on one of the best songs of the last five years.  Obscurities by The Solution, 427, and Sound Providers round out the sixteen track disc and are just as memorable as the songs from their higher-profile counterparts.   Label founder Beni B. is to be commended for staying true to his creative impulses and proving the continued vitality of independent rap.  

Copyright 2002  All rights reserved.

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Released 2000 on ABB Records

Selected Tracks:

Planet Asia - Place of Birth
Dilated Peoples - Global Dynamics
The Solution - What I Need
Joey Chavez - Reservation For One

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