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Tom Moulton - A Tom Moulton Mix 
No retrospective on disco is complete without a discussion of the great Tom Moulton. The influential mixer who used his immense knowledge of sound dynamics and belief in the importance of keeping a hot groove going to eventually create the 12 inch single graced thousands of records with his golden touch, almost single-handedly making stars out of Gloria Gaynor and B.T. Express, among others.

A Tom Moulton Mix is a well-deserved presentation of 16 of Moulton's finest moments. The first disc features a great deal of his work for the Scepter label, where he served as something as an in-house remixer. In addition to Scepter favorites Al Downing ("I'll Be Holding On"), South Shore Commission ("Free Man), and Patti Jo ("Make Me Believe In You"), there is a gargantuan 11 minute version of "Keep On Truckin'" from Eddie Kendricks that simply must be heard to be believed. Probably the best-known of the selections, this previously unreleased mix extends the percussion and horn interplay to take this already-classic track to another level of funkiness. 

The second disc contains Moulton's seminal mix for the chestnut "Love Is The Message" and a couple of quirkier choices in Grace Jones' campy "Vie En Rose" and "Moonboots" by Orlando Riva Sound. This is an outstanding compilation that could have only been released by Soul Jazz, possibly the only label that pays as much attention to detail as Moulton himself.

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