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4 Hero - Brazilika 
Any fan of modern Brazilian fusion should be familiar with Far Out, the UK label that has been instrumental in establishing the link between classic Brazilian music and current dancefloor styles. For the latest edition of Brazilika, they have enlisted the venerable Marc Mac of 4 Hero as the selector and he delivers a true mixtape presentation, complete with drops, exclusive tracks, and the like.

Label staples Grupo Batuque, Azymuth, and Milton Nascimento dominate the set, while prominent knob-twiddlers Roc Hunter, Osunlade, Mark Pritchard, and Daz-I-Kue provide the remixes. Standouts include Pritchard's funky broken mix of Azymuth's "Pieces of Ipanema," which flows into "Black Magic Power Ride" by Offworld, a jazzy affair. The nearly forgotten Misa Negra reminds us why they are so missed with Marcos Valle's "Parabens," while fellow Co-Op comrade Daz-I-Kue gets busy on his edit of "Luizao" by Antonio Adolfo. 

4 Hero contributes the previously unreleased "Broken Samba" and a remix of Grupo Batuque's "Samba." Both are quality, but are quite honestly not the outstanding selections you'd expect from them. 

In sum, the grooves are good, but the flow is not, because the name-checks are too distracting. It is best to treat this like a radio show that you managed to capture on tape, because the interruptions keep this from being a smooth listen. As an enticement to further explore Far Out's catalog, though, Brazilika does the business.  

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