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  Caron Wheeler



Click below for a Caron Wheeler sample:

Livin' In the Light

Feeling (with Soul II Soul)


Caron Wheeler came to the public's attention via her lead vocals on "Back to Life" and "Keep on Moving" by Soul II Soul.  These two songs initiated a musical revolution and single-handedly rekindled an American interest in British soul that hadn't been evident in nearly a decade.  The singles were both million sellers and as a result of their profile, most people assumed Wheeler was a member of Soul II Soul rather than a featured vocalist.

Wheeler squashed those illusions when she bolted from Jazzie B's collective and signed with EMI for a couple of solo albums.  Her debut UK Blak is an unheralded peak of conscious soul from a British perspective.  "Living in the Light" hit the top 5 on Billboard's black music chart and another single "Blue (Is the Colour of Pain)" made the top 40, but album sales didn't correspond to the sales of the singles.

"I Adore You," from the 1992 Mo' Money soundtrack, brought her back to the airwaves, fuelling speculation that her next record would catapult her past Loose Ends and Sade as the voice of British soul.  Yet, Beach of the War Goddess failed to perform up to expectations.

Realizing they were stronger together than apart, Wheeler accepted Jazzie's invitation to rejoin Soul II Soul for Believe for three cuts.  Aside from duetting with Toshi Kubota on a remake of "Just the Two of Us," I am not aware of any subsequent studio dates.  Regardless of her current standing, it is easy to recognize her Afrocentric spirit in the music of Erykah Badu and N'Dambi. 

Caron Wheeler's Deepest Grooves

Keep On Moving - Soul II Soul (Virgin, 1989)
Star turns on back to back #1's "Back to Life" and the title cut began the forever intertwined careers of Soul II Soul and Wheeler.

UK Blak (EMI, 1990)

Beach of the War Goddess (EMI, 1993)

Volume V: Believe - Soul II Soul (Virgin, 1995)
Her voice is spotlighted on "Sunday," "Ride On," and "Feeling," which just happen to be some of the record's strongest songs.

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