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  Weldon Irvine

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Turkish Bath

We Gettin' Down


Keyboard master Weldon Irvine is one conscious brother.  Composer of hundreds of tunes, his most famous song is the pride anthem "Young, Gifted and Black," which he wrote while working with Nina Simone; it was later recorded by Donny Hathaway and Aretha Franklin.  After leaving Simone, he recorded a series of albums, at first for Nodlew before being signed to RCA.  These LPs are well-regarded for Irvine's piano playing, the excellent support from musicians like Don Blackman and their ambitious reach for a world where funk, soul, jazz, blues and gospel freely mingled in sonic harmony.  During a slowdown in his recording career he found the time to compose several plays, complete with original music.  One of these plays, Young, Gifted and Broke, won several awards. 

Irvine is still feeding his desire to create, having worked on Mos Def's album and most recently making an extended apperance on Big Bud's Late Night Blues LP.  He's also honed his rapping skills as MC Master Wel and frequently drops rhymes at his shows.  His most recent album, The Price of Freedom, is dedicated to Amadou Diallo and features many guest artists lending their talents to this statement against police brutality.

Weldon Irvine's Deepest Grooves

Liberated Brother (Nodlew, 1972)

Time Capsule (Nodlew, 1973)

In Harmony (Strata East, 1974)

Cosmic Vortex (RCA, 1974)

Sprit Man (RCA, 1975)
Maybe his most collectable LP due to "We Gettin' Down," the sample for A Tribe Called Quest's "Award Tour."

Sinbad (RCA, 1976)

Sisters (Sauceman, 1979)

Music Is the Key (Luv N Haight, 1994)

Embrace the Positive (Nodlew, 1998)

Price of Freedom: the Amadou Diallo Project (Nodlew, 2000)

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