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  Vanity 6  

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If A Girl Answers, Don't Hang Up


Created as the projection of Prince’s sexual fantasies, Vanity 6 made a brief but memorable contribution to pop culture.  The group members were Brenda Bennett, Susan Moonsie, and lead chanteuse Denise “Vanity” Matthews.

Like his other side project of the era, The Time, Prince came up with an image for each member of Vanity 6, and everything was pretty much self-explanatory with their first single "Nasty Girl."  These ladies were sexually forthright and not afraid to tell you exactly what they wanted. Madonna  became a global icon using that image, but in 1982 this was considered shocking and the single was censored for radio play. It was still a top 10 hit.

Musically, Vanity 6 was pure dance pop with a twisted girl group homage in "He's So Dull."  The other most talked about cut was the Vanity-Prince verbal catfight "If A Girl Answers Don't Hang Up."  For live shows they were backed by the Time. 

Prince had even bigger things envisioned for their next record, but Vanity left the group to pursue a solo career and acting.  She was replaced by Apollonia Kotero and although she was beautiful she did not have the magnetic presence of Vanity.

As a result, Prince didn't see the point of giving them great material and among the songs he gave to other artists was "Manic Monday."  Apollonia 6 did hit with "Sex Shooter," but they broke up shortly after Purple Rain.  
Vanity 6's Deepest Groove

Vanity 6 (Warner Brothers, 1982)

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