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Tribe, the group best known for the break classic “Coke,” was a funk-oriented outfit that began as something of a joke.  ABC staff producer Dee Ervin took the ending of a song that he was working on and called Earl Foster to sing on the track.  When the session for what was to become “Coke” was complete, Ervin decided to credit the song to Tribe.


Problem was, there was no Tribe.  Once “Coke” started moving up the charts, the label needed someone for promotion purposes, so Foster took his group, The Fourth Parallel, and they became Tribe.  Original members of the band were Foster on vocals and keyboards, Donald Eubanks on percussion, drummer Benton Miles Little, bassist Robert Apodaca, and guitarist Edward Romias.  As stated, Foster was the main vocalist but everyone sang.  Tribe underwent many personnel changes throughout their three album career.  They are all worth hearing.

Tribe's Deepest Grooves

Ethnic Stew (ABC, 1974)
Tribal Bumpin' (ABC, 175)

Dedication (Farr, 1977)

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