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Click below for a Sybil sample:

Falling In Love

When I Fall In Love


Owner of one of the most beautiful voices of the last two decades, Sybil Lynch deserves far more recognition than she currently receives.  Born in New Jersey, Sybil released the first of many quality tracks in "Let Yourself Go" in early 1987 for Next Plateau.  Her commercial peak was 1989, when her versions of the Burt Bacharach and Hal David compositions "Don't Make Me Over" and "Walk On By" hit the top 3 as consecutive releases.  She followed these with another top 20 hit, "Crazy 4 U," featuring labelmates Salt-N-Pepa.

She changed to the Stock/Aitken/Waterman production team in 1993, when she recorded the popular Good N Ready LP. The album spawned several hits in Europe, but her American label put out an almost completely different collection of songs, Doin' It Now; one must conclude they didn't think S/A/W's glossy style would go over well stateside. 

Despite the lofty chart position of her 1989-90 material, Sybil has always found a warmer reception in the dance community.  The B-side of "Don't Make Me Over" was "Falling In Love," a house classic in the Jersey tradition. (I have also seen "Falling In Love" credited as being recorded in 1986; if someone can verify this, let me know.)  Most recently, she has been riding high on dance singles that keep her in touch with her core audience. 

Sybil's Deepest Grooves

Sybil (Next Plateau, 1989)

Sybilization (Next Plateau, 1990)

Good N Ready (PWL, 1993)

Doin' It Now (Polygram, 1993)

Greatest Hits (Universal, 1997)

"Why" (Coalition, 1998)

"Still A Thrill" (Coalition, 1999)

"When I Fall In Love" - Klub Family featuring Sybil (Slip 'N' Slide, 1999)
When last heard from, Sybil was threatening to crack the British pop charts on this gorgeous vocal number produced by Blaze. 

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