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  Sins Of Satan 

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Dance And Free Your Mind


A solid band who never could get that critical hit despite many efforts, the Sins of Satan hailed from Detroit. The original members were Lester Williams (lead vocals and guitar), John Brooks (lead vocals, congas, and percussion), Jerome Barnes (background vocals and guitar), Robin Gentry (vocals, bass, and precession), and Jess Godfrey (vocals and drums).

Their debut album was produced by the respected Jimmy Roach and Al Perkins and released by Buddah. Thou Shalt Boogie Forever had bouncy tunes like the rare groove favorite “Dance And Free Your Mind” but there were no hits. 

The Sins were next seen on United Artists, where they cut the very strong Future Star album. Cited as one of the lost funk records of the 70s, this album is worth checking out for “Earl and Pearl,” “Realize The Jack” and the title cut. But despite their quality music, they had no hits and they were dropped from United Artists.

Thinking perhaps their name was the source of their problems, they became Roundtrip and cut some records for MCA. Their final move was recruiting Oliver Cheatham as singer and naming themselves after him.

Sins of Satan's Deepest Grooves

Thou Shalt Boogie Forever (Buddah, 1976)
Future Star (United Artists, 1978)   

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