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  Serge Ponsar

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Out In The Night



The mysterious Serge Ponsar had one of 1983's best records in "Out In The Night," but little else is known about him.  He was born in Toulon, France, and sometimes performed under the name Serge!, but that's about it. 

"Night" was a moderate hit on the soul charts when released in the summer of 1983, but became a Paradise Garage anthem, eventually rising to the the top 10 of the Billboard dance chart.  

Back To The Light is his only known disco/boogie album, but he became involved with zouk, a dance genre native to the French West Indies. He has a track on the compilation Zouk Nouvelle Generation and appears on Turkoise by Khalil Chahine. Reports abound that he passed away in the late 90s but actual dates and causes have yet to be confirmed on the Internet. 

Serge Ponsar's Deepest Groove

Back To The Light (Warner Brothers, 1983)
This was an album I'd passed up for years, not knowing how great it was.  Despite looking like a crossover pop record, Light is quite enjoyable soul with a tilt towards Burgress-styled boogie.  The title cut and "I Want Money" are good tunes also. As this has yet to be reissued on CD, expect to either find this in the dollar section or pay upwards of $30 over the Internet. 

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