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He Loves You  

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Hawaii's most lasting contribution to jazz and soul music, Seawind was underrated in its time, but they're now recognized as one of the era's most versatile outfits.  The band was comprised of vocalist Pauline Wilson, her drum-playing husband Bob, bassist Ken Wild, keyboardist Larry Williams and Bud Nuanez on guitar, augmented by their horn section Jerry Hey and Kim Hutchcroft.

The fusion label CTI signed them and recorded their first album in 1976.  Harvey Mason produced the record to lend some name recognition to the project, but the music stood on its own merits.  "Make Up Your Mind" and "We Got A Way" were the most popular cuts from the LP, while "He Loves You" and "The Devil Is A Liar" reflected the group's strong spiritual focus.  But for all its quality, the album was not a big seller, as the band's ability to play in so many styles presented problems in terms of marketing.   This was a consistent source of frustation throughout the group's existence.

The sophomore release Window Of A Child was another strong effort from the band, highlighted by "Angel of Mercy" and the instrumental "Campanas de Invierno."  Like its predecessor, Window continued to develop Seawind's reputation as a first rate group among musicians and progressive music fans, but stiffed on the charts. 

Seawind changed labels to the A&M affiliate Horizon, who had more experience in developing pop acts.  The long awaited commercial breakthrough happened when "Hold On to Love" charted in early 1979.  Light the Light is considered by many fans to be the strongest of their albums, thanks to "Free," "Light Your Light" and "Follow Your Road."

George Duke produced their fourth and final album, which was another self-titled effort. "What Cha Doin'" became their biggest hit single, cracking the top 20 in late 1980.  Despite their growing presence in the mainstream, they disbanded in 1981.  Hey and Hutchcroft began billing themselves as the Seawind Horns for session work, and Pauline Wilson returned to the scene in the 90s with her first solo album.

Seawind's Deepest Grooves

Seawind (CTI, 1976)

Window of A Child (CTI, 1977)

Light the Light (Horizon, 1979)

Seawind (A&M, 1980)

Remember (Noteworthy, 1995)
Compiles highlights from the first two albums plus some unreleased material from the 80s.  Not exactly a greatest hits, but a good introduction to the group.

Intuition - Pauline Wilson (Noteworthy, 1995)

Tribute - Pauline Wilson (McClees, 2001)

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