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  Roger Sanchez



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Luv Dancin'



House impresario Sanchez has built a long career as a DJ, producer, remixer and artist that has taken him full circle.

Born and raised in the cradle of dance music that is New York, Sanchez grew up surrounding by a multitude of street sounds: hip hop, disco, electro and funk.  In time, he would incorporate his love for these styles into his production work.  His first experience in the studio resulted in "Luv Dancin'," a big time success that helped define the early Strictly Rhythm sound.  His popularity steadily grew until by the mid 90s he was working on tracks by Incognito, Michael Jackson and Soul II Soul as one of the most respected mixers in the field.

In fact, Sanchez devoted so much time to remixeing that some questioned his ability to craft an original number.  Those concerns were answered by "Release Yo' Self" and "Samba Lumba," reaffirming his talents as an artist.

It was off those hits that he founded the Narcotic label.  Kathy Brown and Kathy Sledge were among the artists signed to Narcotic, along with a supergroup comprised of himself, Junior Sanchez and DJ Sneak.  When the label folded, he set up R-Senal and devoted extensive resources to ensure it did not meet the same fate as Narcotic.

In recent years Sanchez has concentrated on his recording career.   "I Never Knew," featuring Cooly's Hot Box on vocals, became a solid dancefloor hit in 1999-2000.  With the recent number 1 positioning of "Another Chance," it appears that Sanchez has accomplished the artist's dream of mainstream acceptance while retaining at least a shred of credibility. 

Roger Sanchez's Deepest Grooves

"Luv Dancin'" (Strictly Rhythm, 1990)

"Release Yo Self" (Strictly Rhythm, 1994)

Hard Times: the Album (Hard Times, 1996)

Freeze Megamix (Freeze, 1997)

S-Man Classics (Narcotic, 1998)

House Music Movement (Master Tones, 1999)

First Contact (Defected, 2001)

"Wonderland" - Psychedelic Waltons (Echo, 2002)

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