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  Richie Cole 

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New York Afternoon


Richie Cole is an alto saxophonist who is fondly remembered for the superb jazz dancer "New York Afternoon," one of the top tunes of its style from the late 70s.  The song was from the in-demand Alto Madness album, one of his solid recordings for Muse.  Cole's sense of humor found a natural companion in Eddie Jefferson, and the two frequently recorded together. 

Cole has continued working in the bop tradition, applying the principles to such unlikely fare as the themes for Star Trek and I Love Lucy in addition to more traditional compositions as the leader of the Alto Madness Orchestra.  

Richie Cole's Deepest Grooves

Trent Makes, The World Takes (Progressive, 1975)

Still On The Planet (Muse, 1976)

The Liveliest (Muse, 1976)

Alto Madness (Muse, 1977)

The Main Man (Inner City, 1977)

Keeper Of The Flame (Muse, 1978)

Cool C (Muse, 1981)

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