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  Rahsaan Patterson

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The Day

So Hot


Criminally underrated singer Rahsaan Patterson has yet to reach the commercial heights of contemporaries Maxwell and D'Angelo, but remains one of the brightest new talents in soul music.  He starred on the children's television show KIDS Incorporated and in commercials before settling in on a music career.

A native New Yorker, Patterson moved to California and started writing songs that were eventually recorded by Jody Watley, Brandy, and Tevin Campbell.  He also sang with Martika. His hard work was rewarded with a contract from MCA, who issued an eponymous album in 1997.

Despite strong tracks like the funky "Stop By" and critical praise from journalists who had picked up on the influence of Stevie Wonder and Chaka Khan in his vocal delivery, Rahsaan Patterson fell beneath the radar for many fans.

This curious state of affairs repeated itself upon the arrival of Love In Stereo in 1999.  With a sterling staff of musicians and writers, Patterson crafted a dozen songs that celebrated life, love, and an inspirational message in the tradition of the classic soul that Patterson was raised on.  The joyous "Sure Boy" and "The Day" are among the most memorable moments on the album, and first single "Treat You Like A Queen" addressed abusive relationships and served as a fundraiser for his foundation Soul Survivors.  Still, the sales that propelled Joe and Eric Benet into household names eluded Patterson, leading to some debate as to why his work isn't as well known as it should be.  Some point to MCA's promotion of the album (not an uncommon charge made by the label's black music acts), while others suggest that Patterson's reluctance to market himself as a neo-soul act (Patterson downplays the term, saying that soul music never went away) keep him from having a breakthrough.

While waiting for his contract status to be resolved, Patterson issued some songs via compilations and soundtracks: "I'll Go," on the Soul Togetherness import on Expansion Records and "So Hot" from the Two Can Play That Game soundtrack.

Now enjoying freedom as an independent act, Patterson's last two albums, After Hours and Wines and Spirits, have seen him take his creativity to new heights. Wines and Spirits was acclaimed as one of the best albums of 2007.

Rahsaan Patterson's Deepest Grooves

Rahsaan Patterson (MCA, 1997) 
Promising debut with the radio favorites "Stop By" and "Where You Are." 

Love in Stereo (MCA, 1999)
No sophomore slump here.  Stereo builds on the potential of his first LP by tightening the songwriting and arrangements.  While he continues the Stevie Wonder and Chaka Khan comparisons are bound to be made, Patterson has merged elements of their styles into his distinct voice.  It's a shame that this has not gotten more recognition. One of the top LPs of the late 90s.

After Hours (Artistry, 2004)

Wines And Spirits (Artistry, 2007)

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