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Click below for a Phuture sample:

Acid Trax

Rise From Your Grave

Phuture's story is the tale of Chicago hosue in a nutshell - musical innovation, funny finances and poor planning resulting in a struggle for recognition.  Their "Acid Trax" forever affected the world of electronic music, but the men behind its creation have languished in relative obscurity as their disciples have cashed in on their hard work.

Phuture's original lineup was Spanky, Herb J, and DJ Pierre.   The initial intent was to make the kind of music then exploding on the streets of Chicago, but their destiny was sealed with Spanky's purchase of a Roland TB-303.   Designed for guitarists who needed a complementary bassline, Spanky and the Gang fiddled with it until they produced a squiggly, squelching sound unlike anything heard before.  A track was quickly laid down and they took it to the Music Box to test the waters.

Ron Hardy eagerly caned the song.  The floor cleared the first time he played it, but by the fifth and sixth times the drugs had kicked in and bodies were climbing the walls to the freaky futuristic sound. Success!

Trax put it out and Phuture was supposed to be the proverbial Next Big Thing.  But it didn't happen. For whatever reason, Pierre assumed the position as the group's leader and soon left to develop his Wild Pitch sound.  Add to this the typical Chicago way of doing business and it seemed everyone was profiting from "Acid Trax" but Spanky and Herb J.  The frustration built as their song was credited for kicking off the "acid house" craze in Britian that eventually became rave culture.

A second single, "We Are Phuture," was the last record with Herb J, who was replaced by a teenaged Roy Davis Jr.  Professor Trax also joined the band.

Obscure singles were scattered over a period of years, but a full length album had yet to be recorded.  The revised lineup, supplemented with LA Williams, released Alpha and Omega in 1998, their first long player in a career that had by then spanned over a decade.  They retired from the studio until Music Man approached them with the financial guarantees they needed to continue their musical endeavors.   Hopefully the release of Survival's Our Mission indicates a renewed dedication to music and, more importantly, allows these brothers to finally get paid.

Phuture's Deepest Grooves

"Acid Trax" (Trax, 1987)

"Rise From Your Grave" (Strictly Rhythm, early 1990s)

Alpha and Omega (A1, 1997)

Survival's Our Mission (Music Man, 2001)

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