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  Peter Jacques Band 

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Mighty Fine


The Peter Jacques Band was one of the first projects assembed by Mauro Malavasi and Jacques Fred Petrus.  Like all of the Italian duo’s productions (including Macho and Change), the act was a “band” in name only as all the music was handled by studio musicians with singers contracted for touring. 


Fire Night Dance was their first album and was relatively unsuccessful despite the charms of “Walking On Music” and “Devil’s Run.”  The faceless nature of the music was indicated by the fact that nobody was credited on the sleeve, although Leroy Burgess was known to have participated in the sessions.


A revamped lineup centered around vocalists Jacob Wheeler, Sandi Bass, Von Gretchen Shepard and Dianne Washingon was unveiled with Welcome Back in 1980.  The Chic influences were refined on this album, resulting in the pleasant disco tunes “Is It It” and  “Mighty Fine.”


With Change established as the main hitmaker in the Petrus galaxy of acts, the Band was placed on the backburner until 1985, when Dancing In The Street became the final Peter Jacques Band release.  This time the lineup was Betty Lami, Carmen Bjornald, Carin McDonald and Ilto Sampaio.  But the team of writers and producers had submitted their best material to Change and the BBQ Band, and this album sank without a trace, putting an end to the group once for all. 

Peter Jacques Band's Deepest Grooves

Fire Night Dance (Prelude, 1979)


Welcome Back  (Prelude, 1980)


Dancing In The Street (Polydor, 1985)

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