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Click below for a Pasadenas sample:

Riding On A Train 

Round And Round






The Pasadenas were a British group that combined elements of classic soul and doo-wop with modern dance rhythms.  With their crisp harmonies, stage presentation, and singing ability, the most frequent comparison was Motown. Comprised of Aaron Brown, Hammish Seelochan, John Banfield and the Milliner brothers (David and Michael),  they caused a sensation with their single "Tribute." The song offered just what the title implied, as it paid homage to a litany of soul legends and was a welcome alternative to the electronic sounds of their contemporaries. To Whom It May Concern was their debut album and it spawned more hits in "Riding On A Train" and "Enchanted Lady."  It sold more than a million copies and provided the group with some exposure in the United States.  

Following this initial success, they got involved with the early career of Dina Carroll by producing and singing on her version of "Walk On By" in 1990. 

Elevate was issued in 1991 and was not met with the same degree of fanfare, although their singles were generating strong attention in clubs due to remixes by the likes of Marshall Jefferson and Steve Hurley.  The Pasadenas' final album was the all-covers Yours Sincerely, where they worked with ex-Miracle Billy Griffin.  

They continue to perform and can be reached for booking engagements here. 

Pasadenas' Deepest Grooves

To Whom It May Concern (Columbia, 1988)
Dismissed by some as a throwback, these guys were actually well ahead of the curve as their slick presentation and reverence for the past were replicated by the explosion of boy bands and neo-soul artists that followed a few years later. This welcome reissue adds live tracks and alternate mixes.  

Elevate (Columbia, 1991)
The album that slipped between the cracks.  Check for "Love Thing," "I Want To Be" and "South Africa."

Yours Sincerely (Columbia, 1992)
Perhaps realizing they were typecast as revivalists, their final album consists solely of updates of venerable classics as "Make It With You," "I Believe In Miracles," and "Let's Get It On."  "I'm Doing Fine Now" was the hit.  House fans will want to try to locate the 12-inch singles, since they were remixed by Frankie Knuckles and Masters At Work.

"Round And Round" (Solor, 1995)

Definitive Collection (1997) 
German release that covers their entire career and a bonus disc of remixes.

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