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  Orange Krush 

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Orange Krush didn’t record an album of their own, but they were a crucially important as one of the earliest hip-hop groups.  The band was comprised of Trevor Gale (drums), Davey DMX (guitar) and Larry Smith (bass), with a young Alyson Williams providing vocals.   The 1982 single “Action” was a minor hit, but achieved greater notoriety when digitally reborn (via Smith’s drum machine) as “Sucker MC’s,” Run DMC’s breakthrough single.  

Orange Krush provided the music on the pioneering rap group’s first two albums but broke up to pursue individual careers.  Smith became one of the greatest producers in early rap, Williams had an album on Def Jam and DMX had a couple of single releases.    

Orange Krush's Deepest Groove

"Action" (Mercury, 1982)

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