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  Oliver Cheatham 

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Everybody Wants To Be The Boss


Detroit vocalist Oliver Cheatham is best remembered for the floor-filling boogie cut “Get Down Saturday Night.” 

His background includes stints as the lead singer of Sins Of Satan and their subsequent editions as Roundtrip and Oliver, although it is unclear when he joined the band. 

Working closely with soul veterans Kevin McCord and Al Perkins of One Way, he signed to MCA in 1983 and released Saturday Night. Besides the title jam, other solid tracks are “Bless The Ladies” and “Make Up Your Mind.”

Cheatham did not record another full length album to my knowledge, but continued issuing singles like “Turn Out The Lights” and “Celebrate Our Love” for a variety of independent labels.

Oliver Cheatham's Deepest Groove

Saturday Night (MCA, 1983)   

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