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80s favorite O’Bryan made the most of his connections to Don Cornelius, getting constant rotation on Soul Train with his uptempo jams and even recording a hit version of the Soul Train theme. Early singles like “The Gigolo” and “I’m Freaky” showed his mastery of Prince-styled funk but what secured his popularity were the exquisite ballads “You and I” and “Lady I Love You.”

His last major hits were “Lovelite” in 1984 and the aforementioned “Soul Train’s A Comin’.” He then disappeared from the scene for many years, only to return with 2007’s F1RST, a collection of slow jams.

O'Bryan's Deepest Grooves

Doin' Alright (Capitol, 1982)

You And I (Capitol, 1983)

Be My Lover (Capitol, 1984) 

F1rst (Headstrong, 2007)   

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