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Father Time





Creators of two extremely rare funk/rare groove LPs, not much was initially known about Newban, but it is now acknowledged that the group was an early incarnation of Atlantic Starr. The members included future Starr members Sharon Bryant, Jonathan Lewis, Porter Carroll and Joseph Phillips alongside Mark Slifstein, Keith Johnson, Albert Jones and Gregory Press.  Newban was produced by mentor Malcolm Addey, and they recorded their two albums for the tiny Guinness label.  Both were released in 1977, and the first Atlantic Starr album came out in 1978, leading one to speculate they recorded these albums quickly to get out of their obligations and rush over to A&M.

The first Newban album has been reissued on vinyl, but unfortunately their catalog is not on CD at this time. 


Newban's Deepest Grooves

Newban (Guinness, 1977)
A certified classic, this record is a monster from beginning to end, encompassing ensemble funk ("Father Time") to the shades of jazz on the closing track "Home With You." Other quality cuts are "Fatback Sally" and "Magic Lady." 

Newban 2 (Guinness, 1977)
For their final release, Newban serves up more of the tight groove established on their debut.  If there is a difference between the two, it is a more pronounced jazz sensibility. Songs like "If I Could" and "Rhythm and Rhyme" feature some lyrical woodwind and horn playing, sort of like a smoother James Mason.  This brief album clocks in at under 30 minutes.  



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