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  Ned Doheny  

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To Prove My Love



Ned Doheny is perhaps better known as a singer-songwriter type, but his contributions to soul and dance culture cannot be denied. Although his best-known compositions seemed to become bigger hits in the hands of other people, the low-slung funk of "To Prove My Love" cemented his legacy in the rare groove scene.

He got his start in 1971, when 60s legend Dave Mason recorded one of his songs.  On the strength of that achievement, Doheny was the first act signed to Asylum Records, who released his self-titled debut in 1973.

CBS Records would be his recording base for the rest of the decade.  1976's Hard Candy contained the original version of "Get It Up For Love," which Tata Vega turned into a disco classic in 1979. The album also featured his performance of "A Love Of Your Own," the Average White Band classic that he co-wrote with Hamish Stuart. 

Despite involvement by industry heavy-hitters like Bonnie Raitt, Steve Cropper, Jeff Porcaro, and David Foster on Hard Candy, it did not sell.  This led his label to shelve his third album, Prone, for two years.   And when it was issued in 1979, it was as a Japan-only release.   This was an unfortunate turn of events, as Prone was his strongest effort to date, the work of a truly confident artist.  In addition to "To Prove My Love," there were more strong cuts with "Sweet Friction" and "Funky Love."  CD collectors got an unexpected bonus when they found the previously unreleased vocal version of "To Prove My Love" on the reissue.

From there, Doheny concentrated on his writing, including Chaka Khan's "Whatcha Gonna Do For Me," before resuming his career in 1988.  Appropriately enough, these albums are released only in Japan.

Ned Doheny's Deepest Grooves

Ned Doheny (Asylum, 1973) 

Hard Candy (Columbia, 1976)

Prone (Columbia, 1979)

Life After Romance (Dreamsville, 1988)

Love Like Ours (Polystar Japan, 1991)

Postcards From Hollywood (Polystar Japan, 1991)

Between Two Worlds (Polystar Japan, 1993)

Best Of (Polystar Japan, 1995)

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