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  Michael Henderson  

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Let Me Love You


Michael Henderson has flipped the script numerous times in his illustrious career, his versatility earning him accolades from artists as diverse as Billy Preston to Miles Davis. 

Born in 1951, he was a session musician for Motown by his early teens, playing on tunes by Stevie Wonder and the Detroit Emeralds.  In the early 70s, Henderson joined Miles Davis, where he laid down the monstrous bass grooves on Agharta and Big Fun.

After Davis
retired in 1975, Henderson became one of the featured artists with Norman Connors’ organization, making his singing debut on the mellow “Valentine Love.” The top 10 status of the single was followed by “We Both Need Each Other” and the massive “You Are My Starship,” one of the most memorable slow jams of the decade.  His songwriting prowess combined with his certified skills as a balladeer earned him a solo deal with Buddah in 1976. 

He stayed with the label until 1985, mixing up sensuous material like “Let Me Love You” (co-written with Ray Parker Jr) and “Take Me I’m Yours” with quirky, Parliament-influenced funk such as “Geek You Up” and 1980’s hard-hitting “Wide Receiver,” which would become his signature tune.  He also recorded the classic “Can’t We Fall In Love Again” with Phyllis Hyman in 1981 in addition to producing the Dramatics.

Michael Henderson's Deepest Grooves

Solid (Buddah, 1976)

Goin' Places (Buddah, 1977)

In the Night-Time (Buddah, 1978)

Do It All (Buddah, 1979)

Wide Receiver (Buddah, 1980)

Slingshot (Buddah, 1981)

Fickle (Buddah, 1983)

Bedtime Stories (EMI, 1986)

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