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  Marc Moulin


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Humpty Dumpty (with Placebo)

Belgium is a highly unlikely place to find a funky jazz keyboardist, yet that's just where we find Marc Moulin.  An active musician since 1961, Moulin is one of the more important voices in European jazz.  Equal parts Miles Davis, David Axelrod and Herbie Hancock, Moulin's playing draws from a diverse palette in addition to his own personality, making for a very unique style.  The innovative keyboardist's stature has risen substantially in recent years, thanks to belated recognition of the pioneering work he did with his ensemble Placebo in the early 70s. After the breakup of Placebo, Moulin recorded the popular Sam Stuffy LP, which was one of the first to use synthesized basslines.   He is also famous for forming the electronic band Telex, whose hit "Moskow Disko" is hailed as an influence on early Detroit techno.  He recently signed with Blue Note, who issued a new LP in 2001.

Marc Moulin's Deepest Grooves

Ball of Eyes - Placebo (CBS, 1971)

1973 - Placebo (CBS, 1973)

Placebo - Placebo (Harvest, 1974)

Sam Stuffy (CBS, 1975)

Looking For St. Tropez - Telex (Sire, 1978)

Neurovision - Telex (Sire, 1980)

Sex - Telex (JM2, 1981)

Looney Tunes - Telex (JM2, 1986)

Placebo Sessions (Counterpoint, 1999)
Focusing on work from 1971-1974, this set does an excellent job in showing Moulin's dextrous keyboard skills.  With influences from fusion and jazz-funk, this was top quality music, as evidenced on "Humpty Dumpty," "Dag Madam Merci" and "Only Nineteen."  Kudos to Counterpoint for making these rare sounds available again.

Top Secret (Blue Note, 2001)
On his comeback album, Moulin is comfortably slotted in the breezy, sample-laden style that St. Germain pioneered.  Should do well with lounge heads and longtime fans.

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