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  Major Harris



Philly soul singer Major Harris scored one of the most sensual ballads of the 1970s, “Love Won’t Let Me Wait.”  Complete with orgasmic moaning and a seductive groove, the song was a number one hit while also making the top 5 on the pop charts.

Perhaps success was inevitable for Harris, considering his deep family ties to the city’s soul scene.  His brother is Joe Jefferson, who helped write some of the Spinners’ biggest hits, and his cousin was the legendary Norman Harris.

The Virginia native spent many years waiting for his moment in the sun, serving as a member of the Jarmels, Frankie Lymon’s Teenagers, and Nat Turner’s Rebellion.  His major break was when he joined the Delfonics, where he stayed until 1975.


For his solo album he was produced by Bobby Eli for WMOT productions and employed the services of MFSB and the Sweethearts Of Sigma vocalists.  “Love Won’t Let Me Wait” was the highlight of My Way, and follow up album Jealousy is highly regarded as well.

In 1978 Harris switched to RCA, where he cut one album.  How Do You Take Your Love didn’t generate chart action, but “Night Moods” was later covered by Chaka Khan. The dance cut “All My Life” was his last single. He has returned to the Delfonics.

Major Harris' Deepest Grooves

My Way (Atlantic, 1975)

Jealousy (Atlantic, 1976)

How Do You Take Your Love (RCA Records, 1978)

I Believe in Love (Streetwave, 1984)

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