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  Madame X 

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Just That Type Of Girl


Arising from the ashes of Klymaxx, Madame X was spearheaded by Bernadette Cooper when they disbanded.  The group was comprised of Alisa Randolph, Iris Parker, and Calerie Victoria, but Cooper wrote, produced and arranged the material while the members alternated lead vocals.


With that foundation, it is not surprising that Madame X carried on the Klymaxx tradition of funky sassy anthems with plenty of attitude. The slinky “Just That Type Of Girl” was one of 1987’s toughest grooves, and “I Want Your Body” also received a good deal of play.

Cooper’s forays into outside production and an earnest solo career seemed to spell the end of the group.  Randolph went on to record a solo album for Atlantic in 1990 that included vocals from the other members. Parker joined Mary Wilson in her edition of the Supremes, while Victoria has maintained a career outside of the industry.

Madame X's Deepest Groove

Madame X (Atlantic, 1987)

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