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  Lyman Woodard 

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Disco Tease


Lyman Woodard is a Detroit legend, his organ-based groups forming a backbone of the local scene for decades.  He started his first trio with Dennis Coffey and Melvin Davis in 1965.  While Coffey went on to become one of Motownís session guitarists, Woodard served as the music director for Martha and the Vandellas from 1970 Ė 1973.


He reformed his group with Ron English (guitar) and Leonard King (drums), augmenting the lineup with Lorenzo Brown (percussion) and saxophonist Norma Jean Bell. With the expansion, Woodard changed the bandís name to the Organization.  In the 1970s, he recorded the highly valued Saturday Night Special for Strata East, one of the funkiest albums in the celebrated labelís history. 

Following a few years without studio activity, the Organization cut the live album Donít Stop The Groove with Marcus Belgrave guesting on trumpet.  Donít Stop The Groove showcased the band incorporating disco elements and was notable for being recorded in the

wake of the shooting death of the clubís owner.

Woodard broke up the group during the 1980s, but returned to the trio

format for all recordings made since the 90s.

Lyman Woodard's Deepest Grooves

Saturday Nigiht Special 
(Strata East, 1975)

Don't Stop The Groove (Corridor, 1979)

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