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  Lauryn Hill


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:Lost Ones


The true Hip Hop Diva, Lauryn Hill is credited with revitalizing the genre by adding elements of soul and reggae to her raps.  Indeed, such is the beauty of her voice that some have suggested Hill focus exclusively on singing.  Those kinds of comments are not only an affront to Hill's intelligence, but also deny the multi-faceted nature of the dynamic talent that has made her one of black music's most important voices, despite recording only two major albums. 

Born May 26, 1975, Hill was raised around a variety of music, courtesy of her parents' extensive record collection.  Displaying a knack for acting, she appeared in numerous television and film roles, most notably alongside Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act II.  She came to national prominence as a member of the Fugees, a rap group  she formed with childhood associates Pras and Wyclef Jean.  Their first album failed to live up to expectations, but their second LP was a milestone for rap.  The Score contained progressive production and hard-hitting raps, yet it was their covers of the soul classics "Ready Or Not" and "Killing Me Softly" that brought them worldwide acclaim.  Hill's spotlight on the latter was one of many outstanding performances she gave on the record, and she quickly became a media darling.

As The Score continued to rack up critical praise and impressive sales, it soon became obvious that the LP only offered a glimpse of her abilities.  Her solo debut, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, was an all-encompassing statement of vision that rightly dominated charts in 1998.   Lyrically addressing everything from relationships ("Ex-Factor," "I Used to Love Him"), wayward souls ("Lost Ones," "Doo Wop") and reminiscing about the past ("Every Ghetto Every City"), Miseducation was a crucial step towards bringing a more conscious, emotionally honest spirit back to hip-hop and r&b.  Her melding of reggae, soul and rap in both instrumentation and vocal delivery earned her a multi-generational audience and brought her to the forefront of contemporary music.  With coverage from every mainstream publication, Hill was the story of 1998, and was nominated for eleven Grammy awards, picking up five, the most a female artist had ever won.

Since Miseducation, Hill has focused on raising a family and plans to release a new album soon.

Lauryn Hill's Deepest Grooves

Blunted On Reality - Fugees (Ruffhouse, 1994)

The Score - Fugees (Ruffhouse, 1996)

Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (Columbia, 1998)

MTV Unplugged No. 2.0 (Sony, 2002)
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