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  Keith & Darrell 

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Feel The Fever


One of many Motown acts that fell through the cracks during the label's late 70s period, Keith & Darrell are further evidence of the label's inability to develop new talent after their move to Los Angeles, even though they were connected to one of the label's biggest stars.  Keith Burston and Darrell Littlejohn were Smokey Robinson's nephews, and they enlisted the Motown Vice- President to produce their efforts, but any suspicions of nepotism were quickly refuted when their debut single, "Feel The Fever," was cancelled by the label.  Indeed, it would not be until 1981, two years after that aborted session, that any of their work was officially released. What followed was not a case of good things coming to those who wait, since "You're My Gardener" quickly faded into obscurity.  An appearance on the soundtrack of A Fine Mess provided their greatest exposure, but not enough to keep on recording.     

Keith & Darrell's Deepest Grooves

"Feel The Fever" (Tamla, 1979) 

"Kicking It Around" (Tamla, 1980)

"You're My Gardener" (Tamla, 1981)

"Work That Body" (Tamla, 1984)

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