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  Karl Denson

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Family Tree


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Saxophonist Karl Denson is at the forefront of re-establishing jazz among young listeners. Oddly enough, he first captured the nation's attention as the featured soloist on Lenny Kravitz's Let Love Rule LP and subsequent tours.  He returned to his jazz roots in 1992, recording several discs for Minor Music.

His star really began to rise when the Greyboy All Stars, co-founded by Denson in 1994, became one of the world's most popular jazz bands.  Transcending the dreaded "acid-jazz" category, the group introduced danceable jazz to its many fans on the strength of compositions like "Let the Music Take Your Mind" and "A Town Called Earth."   

After the All Stars took an extended hiatus, Denson formed the Tiny Universe, modeled on classic funk and soul groups.  With a thunderous reception at the Newport Jazz Festival in 2000, the Universe became a heavily demanded attraction among jazz, rock and soul promoters.

Denson has also forged relationships among the audience associated with jam bands such as Galactic and Medeski, Martin and Wood.  He plays with these acts on a regular basis and is readying a new album to be released in 2002.

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Karl Denson's Deepest Grooves

Blackened Red Snapper (Minor Music, 1992)

Herbal Turkey Breast (Minor Music, 1993)

Chunky Pecan Pie (Minor Music, 1994)

Baby Food (Minor Music, 1995)

West Coast Boogaloo - Greyboy All Stars (Greyboy, 1995)

D Stands for Diesel (Greyboy, 1997)

Town Called Earth - Greyboy All Stars (Greyboy, 1997)

Live - Greyboy All Stars (Relaxed, 1999)

Karl Denson's Tiny Universe (KDTU, 1999)
Can be hard to find, but well worth it, as the Tiny Universe brings the upbeat, dance-inducing feeling of 70s soul-jazz to the 90s.  "Family Tree" and "Can You Feel It" represent Denson at his best, with great vocals to go along with his playing.   

Dance Lesson #2 (Blue Notes, 2001)
Denson's Blue Note debut finds him in the company of some heavy hitters. Blending the old and new schools of jazz, guests include Melvin Sparks, Leon Spencer, DJ Logic and Charlie Hunter. The band gels perfectly, shining on the standout jams "Who Are You," "A Shorter Path" and "Rumpwinder." 

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